FAQs Inflatables

Q: Do you hire bouncy castles all year round?

A: Yes we do! But due to health and safety, weather conditions and risk assessments, between 1st November - 31st March, we only do indoor hires.

Q: Do you have bouncy castles for indoor hire?

A: Yes we do, take a look at our castles and it will state which castles are for indoor use. Ensure that an area of 6 feet (2 metres) around the unit is completely clear.


Q: We need a bouncy castle for today. Can you help?

A: Call us! If we are able to supply a bouncy castle, then we will!

Q: Do you need a power supply?

A: Yes we do. A mains socket is required to power the electric blower

Q: What happens if the weather forecast is bad on the day of the hire?

A: We will call you on the morning of the hire Due to health and safety regulations we cannot hire out our equipment outside if the winds are/due to be over 24 mph or in heavy rain. I hope you can see and fully understand we take yours/others safety very seriously. We would also offer you a refund minus the £10 deposit as this is neither our faults.

Q: What happens if there is a rain shower during the hire period?

A: Once everyone is off the bouncy castle, turn the electric blower off at the mains, a towel must be used to dry the castle off, if in doubt please call us.

Q: Do children need to be supervised whilst on the bouncy castle?

A: YES! Children must be supervised at ALL times by a responsible adult whilst they are on the bouncy castle, failing to do so could result in injury.

Q: Can Fifis Bouncing Bluebells provide someone to staff the castle?

A: Yes we can, we charge £10 per hour for this and a max for 5 hours.

Q: I have limited access to the garden/ outside area, is this a problem?

A: Not necessarily inflatable outdoors must be sited on reasonably flat surfaces (slight slopes are acceptable). The site has to be free from stones, sharp objects such as washing line pole sockets. Dog mess and excessive mud needs to be cleaned. If there are any overhanging trees or bushes encroaching on the site area of the inflatable, these will need to be pruned back prior to our arrival. Please give us a call to have c hat about the area.

Q: There are stairs, is this ok?

A: Yes it is fine, When you call please let us know how many stairs and what floor it will be on so we can arrange safe delivery..